1. Cowlar / E4 Tech
E4 Technologies specializes in the development of IoT applications, industrial equipment and consumer electronics. The company combines Interaction Design, Engineering, Testing and Manufacturing to offer smart products and solutions. E4 also provides product design & development services for Internet of things, consumer electronics and industrial applications.

2. TunaCode
TunaCode, founded in 2010, provides Accelerated Computing Solutions, making innovative use of multi-core and many core processors. Our CUVILib software solution accelerates Imaging applications from Medical, Industrial and Defense domains. Our solutions add value by delivering computing performance at 1/10th the cost and 1/20th the computing resource requirement. TunaCode software is used in blue-chip companies like FEI’s Inspect3D suite which helps medical researchers find cures for diseases like AIDS, and helps companies analyze and optimize pre-production circuit design at nano-scale level.

3. Magma Systems
Magma Systems provide high quality yet cost effective software development, consultancy and data processing services. We specialize in geo-spatial applications. With the advent of services such as Google maps, Google earth and other similar services the world has become more aware of spatial data and its use and application. Organizations, especially those in developed world, are looking to use spatial data more and more. However the cost of processing such data can be quite high in the developed world and that is the gap we fill with our cost-effective solutions. We recently executed a critical project for the London 2012 Olympics successfully.

4. Sky Computing Solutions
Sky Computing Solutions is a CRM consulting company established in 2011. We are providing customization and development services for the world renowned cloud based CRM since 2006. In the last six years, we have been involved in implementation/development for reputed companies like Pepsi Co., General Motors (USA), Daily Telegraph (UK), Hewlett-Packard, and also for Salesforce itself. More interestingly, we worked on’s Ideas Base Theme, which served as a platform for the Ideas Portal during Barak Obama’s first presidential campaign. The largest implementation of Salesforce in Pakistan is of 25 licenses while one of our implementation involved 300,000 licenses. We are the implementation pioneers for Salesforce in Pakistan and one of top few across the world.

5. Ludus Magnus
Ludus Magnus rose to fame through the success of its viral political satire game, ‘Angry Imran’ which received wide acclaim in the media. We partner with renowned IT companies including Game Ventures, SyntecX and SWAM Tech. Our satisfied clients include AvenueSocial, PersonForce, KuchKhaas, MyEducationKey and numerous other international and local companies. Ludus Magnus also boasts an impressive portfolio of Android and iOS apps.

6. Lever Systems
Lever Systems is an Information Technology Solution Provider that delivers customized solutions using pertinent technologies that cater to the customers’ specific requirements. The company’s areas of expertise include RFID based solutions, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Data warehousing, Mining, Analytics and Biometrics.

Lever Systems houses a team of experts who have worked on some of the worlds’ largest solutions integrating RFID, Web and corporate data warehousing technologies. The team consists of veterans from Microsoft R&D Labs, USA and Solution Architects from the UK who have worked in collaboration with major industry players including IBM, Teradata and Oracle.

7. 3Restart
3Restart aims at revolutionize education and the learning process in higher education through gamified , intelligent and interactive experiences. Our vision is to make education personal by providing applications over the web and the tablets that are fun to use , are user friendly and beautifully designed that will make learning an experience which is engaging. With the advent of MOOCs(Massive Open Online Courses) , learning and higher education is made available at a mass scale but still the success rate of these courses is very low. Entaly believes by gamification of the learning process this success rate can be increased many folds

8. Interactive Solutions
One of the pivotal issues faced by educational institutions is the instructors have to face the whiteboard to solve problems leading to significant reduction in the interest level of students. To combat this problem, Interactive Solutions came up with a novel and innovative venture in 2013 by introducing Smart Podiums.
Interactive Solutions aims to provide interactive, cost effective and technologically advanced podiums to facilitate the learning experience. The company aims to lead the development of sustainable and interactive education through use of smart podiums, and has recently secured a $10,000 seed funding to design and develop the next version of their smart podium.

9. Swaggable
Swaggableis a demand-based social commerce platform which facilitates social sampling for brands, to engage consumers via product trial and generate actionable content in the form of social reviews. On the consumer end, our platform allows members to discover great new products and share those experiences with their wider circles. Specifically, we’re using the social graph (Facebook), to target samples to the right users and leverage the sampling experience to create social review content.

10. Touch’d
Touch’d is a mobile ‘social assistant’ that helps people maintain strong personal relationships with a selected ‘inner circle’ of friends.
Touch’d focuses on the relationships that matter by learning from the interactions between the user and their selected ‘inner circle’ on social networks, email, messaging systems, and mobile phones. It then uses sophisticated algorithms to rank the contacts by urgency, taking into account frequency of recent interactions and optimal opportunities to interact such as events and proximity. Twice a day, users are gently reminded to reach out to the most urgent contacts.

11. Aviation MRO
Aviation MRO began operations in 2009. We provide Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul services, Replacement Parts, Raw Materials, Chemicals and Calibration services for aircraft engines, accessories, instruments, avionics, and electrical components through our OEM/FAA/EASA certified Principals. With just 2 contracts in Year 2008-9, we concluded 26 commercial contracts in 2009-10 and another 23 in 2010-11, with a combined worth of USD 2 Million. We have offices in USA, Canada, and Qatar. We plan to start an MRO setup in Kamra to provide high quality services to local / international Military and Civil Aviation customers. In the process Aviation MRO will create direct employment opportunities for 43 professionals and indirect opportunities for many more thus contributing to the national cause.

12. Step Robotics
Step Robotics is developing tools and instruments that will integrate the renewable energy industry players. The need for Solar energy is global, and there is no solution present that works for both local and international players. The key players in the solar industry are Installers, Leasing companies, Financing companies and Equipment providers. All of these players work in separate spheres. Larger installers face issues in improving operational efficiency and increasing sales conversions. On the other hand smaller installers do not have the same resources as the larger players. This adds inefficiency in the overall process. ​

13. CricFlex
CricFlex is the world’s first wearable technology to detect illegal bowling actions in cricket. It is a low cost and real time solution implementable within matches. An arm sleeve, embedded with sensors, is worn by the bowler and the results are displayed on a smart phone. CricFlex automatically detects an illegal bowling action, tracks arm speeds and the amount of spin to then help the bowler train and improve the performance. Team CricFlex consists of highly motivated individuals and we envision to create a revolution in the sports wearable industry.

14 Kounter Intuitive Technologies
Indigenous manufacturer of bare metal and drug eluting stents and stent delivery systems that are CE marked and meet international standards while having significantly lower price than the imported alternatives available in the market.

15 Nouveau Energy
Management Systems (NEMS)Nouveau Energy is an ESCO (Energy Services Company) working for potential projects with a focus on energy efficiency and generation, with an objective to reduce dependence on national grid or create captive generation process efficiency with current intervention to develop Sustainable Water & Energy Finance Tradeable Commodities for UAE and Saudia Arabia under a license from Dubai Multi Commodites Center and NASDAQ Dubai. Our core business areas include Energy Efficiency Projects, Energy Economics and Planning Consultancy, CDM Project Development & Management, Oil & Gas Flaring Equipment Solution Design & Supply.

16 Turnotech
Turnotech is a solution provider to telecom industry. Turnotech is working on visual business intelligence tools. It has partnership with Ericsson Pakistan to integrate telecom expense management suite with Ericsson NGN (Next Generation Network) Solutions for Pakistan Army. Turnotech Solutions puts up DSP (Digital Signal Processing) team to look into defense related opportunities for product development

17 Maalik Creative Engineers
Maalik Creative Engineers (MCE) Pvt Ltd. graduated in 2010 Maalik Creative Engineer is an IT, Web & Telecom service organization​

18. Dual Matrix Corporation / Askoli
Dual Matrix Corporation (DMC) provides development and consultancy services for medium to large scale organizations. Key products being offered by the DMC include Organizational Effectiveness Profiling (OEP) – for the identification of areas of improvement, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System – for better management of unstructured data such as letters, emails, policy documents etc and Web 2.0 Advertising for the next generation internet applications compliant advertising system. DMC can study requirements of an organization, identify key processes and data, recommend a strategy including policy, practices and resources, help select a vendor or technology and monitor implementation.

Askoli helps a business by fulfilling under-addressed needs for knowledge and expertise, improving quality and rigor, increasing efficiency and productivity, expanding product and services portfolio, and improving gross and net margins through cost reduction. Core expertise of Askoli team includes SEO Services, Contents Management, Social Media Marketing, Web Design & Development, Web Applications and Ecommerce.

19. Wissen
WISSEN is an international group ( consisting of 4 knowledge based organizations namely iTEES, ConTra, eX2T and ECATION. As a group WISSEN is present in more than 13 countries worldwide. WISSEN is dedicated to knowledge generation and helps individuals and organizations of all kind (for technical organizations to organizations dedicated to social cause) in fulfilling their thirst for knowledge.”

20. Somdata
Somdata is a group of highly talented professionals passionate about innovation, offering high quality and wide range of technical services for:
i. The Telecom sector in general and Mobile Operators in particular. What differentiates Somdata from other companies is that we have developed, tried and tested processes for a wide range of technical services which are being deployed by some major wireless service providers.
ii. The companies which are planning to launch web or mobile based products, applications and services, tap the vast Pakistani market, target and locate customers based on specific geographic areas and offer location based services.

21. Kreative Arts
Kreative Arts Ltd is committed to staying ahead of the technology curve and sharing our knowledge and expertise with the clients to enable them to fully capitalize on the benefits of the new economy. We have the ideas, the tools and the people to take innovation in technology and business to new heights and enable our clients to stay ahead of their constantly evolving markets.

22. ID Technologies
​ID Technologies is a Software development, Research and Development (R&D) for Geographical Information System (GIS), Fleet management, Work order Management

23. Gillani Software
Gillani Software is an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) Solutions development (ERP Solutions)

24. Sotlet
Sotlet is basically twitter for shopping. It will be a platform where people will be able to discover and buy new products and also see what products are trending these days through their friends and people they will be following. Also, sellers with a few clicks will be able to upload their products easily and send them to their followers on our platform which will help in increasing the virality of their individuals products

25. Buru Seed Oil
A team of female entrepreneurs of Gilgit-Baltistan establisehd this business to exploring the Sea Buckthorns of Gilgit-Baltistan for a sustainable and lucrative income generation. The sea-buckthorns are in abundance in Gilgit-Balitstan, growing on an area of more than 1000 hectares. Recent research proves that the tiny yellow berries contain many kinds of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and other bio active substances. It is extensively used for nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, pharmaceutical as well as other applications. This company is focussiong on cultivation of sea-buckthorns for cosmatic companies and forma suticall industry.​

26. CricOut / eMumba
Crickout is a social aap for cricket. Cricket is fun when you follow it with friends! No more is following Cricket online a lonely experience. Cricout is enabling friends from around the world to get together and have fun following the game. You can interact with your friends, comment on each and every moment of the game and enjoy cricket with your friends in any part of the world.

27. The Map stories
The Map stories is a news aggregator that, through its methods, collects news from thousands of news sources all over the world and links news to its location and displays it interest or location wise. The Map stories never claims the ownership of any sort of content whether images ,news or any other content shown on the website.

28. Gogi Studios
Gogi Studios is an art studio, which gives innovative visual approaches to projects. It was established in the seventies by Nigar Nazar, Pakistan’s first female comic artist. The team consists of creative professionals including women and young people who are a part of the think tank, research and creative team. The studios have till date produced multiple comic books for children with the aim of bringing about positive social change. Gogi studios use different mediums for advocacy on various issues – for instance by using exterior and interior of public buses. The objective of the project was to raise awareness on issue of child rights, environment, sexual harassment, good governance, national unity.
29. Edify
Edify aims to become Pakistan’s first ever MOOC platform to provide specialized teacher training courses. The platform will help teachers improve their teaching skills and build the emotional and mental capabilities required for effective teaching. The aim is to provide a solution for the problems of low retention rate and slow learning progress of students caused due to ineffective teaching.

30. 3Kay
3Kay Education offers a digital educational content server to enable teachers & students to access high quality education material according to their needs and requirements. It uses Rasberry Pi, the famous $35 single board computer, as a server for offline streaming of educational content for learners using devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops. Raspberry Pi consumes very little power, and it has been integrated with a solar panel for battery backup, to improve the access of education to areas that have power shortages, little or no access of education, or where formal education systems cannot be adopted.

31. BitSol
BitSol Technologies convert idea into working prototype in less time and cost. Bitsol rovide Technical expertise on low cost with equity share. With the help of pre-defined custom component, Bitsol is developing products at very fast pace and helping other startups to go to market in very less time with working prototype

32. HireNinja
HireNinja is a web based candidate shortlisting platform with the sole purpose of providing companies with the right Software Engineers at the right time. Hireninja aims to simplify the hiring process for both the job seekers and the employers by providing pre screened programmers to companies with the help of its built in programming test system which evaluates the candidates calibre in terms of problem solving, programming and algorithm designing skills. Coding tests are generated on the basis of experience and skill set the candidate possess which guarantees effective recruitment
in software industry.

33. Enekon
Enekon creates unique and memorable visual experiences for businesses, brands, and agencies through 3D Projection / Object Mapping, Interactive Art Installations, 3D Hologram Projections, Live Augmented Reality Experience and Web Development / Integration. Clients are served through Conceptual Services and Products.

IOPTIME Ioptime is an IT services provider company devoted to building mobile apps. The small but dedicated team has the experience of carrying out mobile app projects including Scorm, Moodle, Google Cloud Messaging, Google App Engine and web services for Android/ios. Ioptime is working on launching a mobile based app that will help users to get all deals and sales of their favorite brands. The application will target mobile users looking to save on goods & services, sick of random SMS ads and don’t have the time to fish for promotions in newspapers. It will bring discounts, offers and promotions from different categories. Users can customize their profiles to get notified about promotions from selected categories. Moreover, contacting stores is made easy through the application. Finally the social aspect allows users to share promotions with others.

35. Beatle Technologies
Beatle Technologies is a technology solutions company that provides Telecom and Real Estate Digital Services and is also branching into Digital Marketing. It provides its clients with Customer Experience Management systems, Quality Assurance, Revenue Assurance and Gray Traffic Detection services in the Telecom industry. The company’s latest venture, Disconto is a location-based smartphone application that allows customers to avail discounts at the outlets around them. The app allows customers to get instant discount notification and location-based information from over 40 different shopping categories.​

36. Architect’s CAB
Architect’s Cab is the pioneer design firm that initiates socially innovative projects to improve the built environment and upgrade the quality of life; by providing adaptive and time based architectural solutions. The firm has launched its first product named “Smart Box’’ that provides a low-cost, portable and transformable space to entrepreneurs to effectively sell, exhibit and market their skills on a large scale. This prototype is flexible enough to embed different programmatic requirements such as food stall, retail shop, mobile library, exhibition for crafts etc. It also provides a platform for accessibility of education to remote area and for the promotion of livelihood for educational entrepreneur.

TalkHealth is a digital and connected Healthcare delivery system accessible easily by patients and Healthcare providers, at the same time maintaining the privacy of individuals. TalkHealth is providing Clinic Management, Hospital Management and Diagnostics / Lab Management system on a SAAS model.

38. Novel Solutions
Novel Solutions works with Mobile Application Software, Information Security Products, Physical Security & Surveillance Systems, ICT Gadgets and Energy Saving Appliances. It’s major focus is on mobile game development where it has successfully launched more than 20 games in the Android Play Store market.

39. SWAM Tech
SWAM Tech specializes in mobile app development. Currently the company is working on mobile financial solutions for the Pakistani market.​

40. Cygnus Solutions
Cygnus Solutions was co-founded by Navera Waheed and Wajiha Habib in 2014. Their flagship product Orbit is an augmented reality based educational application. It presents 3D visualizations of the concepts, taught to students, in real world. It brings the concepts to life by combining the virtual and the real world. The application aims to enhance the cognitive abilities of pupils by engaging them more effectively into the classrooms through the power of augmented reality. Orbit targets Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 4, which focuses on ensuring inclusive and quality education for all. We have a SaaS based model, schools can subscribe to our app on monthly subscription and have access to our rich database of 3D concepts.
Orbit can provide a complete picture of each concept. Imagine the kids are learning respiration in humans and we place a breathing human being in front of them. They can move around and see the breathing process going on within that person. Imagine! How much better is this way of learning than the conventional 2D diagrams on books? This can result in clear understanding of the process and with this clear understanding what can the kids not create

SimpliCity Labs is working to tackle complex problems in transportation and crowd management domain. The knowledge generated by the Lab’s groundbreaking work on projects in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan is being utilized to conduct market research and introduce innovative ideas and smart products. The Lab’s product range includes IoT platform, Triage Management apps and Wearables, Vehicle count and Smart Routing devices. Vision based solutions are also near completion.
SimpliCity Labs has successfully carried out various projects for clients based in KSA, for instance Ministry of Hajj affairs, Transportation and Civil Defense. SimpliCity Labs is currently working on various other vision based products as well, and actively collaborating with renowned international partners to ensure ‘state of the art’ solutions.

42. Ausomatic
Ausomatic is an online existence consultancy firm that concentrates on helping organizations get an impactful presence on the web along with using their online platform to help operate their business efficiently and smoothly. Headquartered in Sheffield, UK with the development office in Islamabad, the company has catered to clients in a number of industries (including Food, Education, Medical etc.) and countries (Pakistan, Dubai and UK)

43. LearnOBots
LearnOBots promotes STEM Education through Robotics Workshops and Learning Kits. The company inspires kids to become what they want to; Inventors, Makers, Scientists, Engineers, Artists, Programmers, LearnOBots has partnered with various educational institutions to put up exciting workshops, learning camps and curriculums for students not just locally, but internationally as well.

44. Fides Technologies
Fides Technologies is an IT service provider company whose lead product facilitates targeted direct mail. The one to one marketing campaigns can be run on different mediums and ensure higher response rates and ROI. The application has an online platform for the ad agencies to conditionally insert personalized messages and images based on consumer data. The application workflows link marketing, customer and consumers together.

45. DealSmash
DealSmash has developed a mobile app for impulse buyers and last minute in-store shoppers offering them exclusive and targeted deals and discounts while increasing revenues of brands and retailers, using proximity based service.

46. Wonderful Engineering
Wonderful Engineering is Tech Valley’s flagship product. This is the world’s largest Engineering e-magazine with over 2.6 million fans on Facebook and over 5.8 million monthly readers.Wonderful Engineering is a community of international engineers who are transforming general public lives through their innovative design and smart engineering.

CYKIQ provides an economical and viable solution for short distance commute in universities and closed communities, which is otherwise not feasible, for the authority of the respective place, to do . CYKIQ has partnered with the local bicycle and system manufacturing companies to achieve the standard system which is 10 times less in price than the existing systems.

NOVSYS develops Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based smart networks and IoT applications on top of those networks. Whilst every other competitor in BLE segment is working with beacons; that are individual devices; NOVSYS has added intelligence to these individual devices. NOVSYS’s beacons talk to each other in a smart network, thereby providing overwhelmingly greater functionality and applications, with the same cost. NOVSYS provides these beacons as 3rd party enabling platform for IoT solution developers, and it also offers custom solution developments.

49. IoTA Pakistan
IoTA Pakistan Pvt Ltd is a unique startup aiming to bring digital connectivity among consumers through cost efficient products and solutions. Our prime focus is to develop and commercialize state-of-the-art IoT based services solely driven from Customers’ needs and preferences.IoTA Pakistan offers an exclusive and specially designed GPRS/GSM based plug-and-play device Drivitx which includes Anti-Theft Solution to secure your car from illegal start, Real time vehicle location, Trace route with Replay function of your vehicle travel, Android/iOS App with Web platform, Vehicle health and remote maintenance diagnostic, Shocks alerts, harsh acceleration or deceleration, Geo Fencing Feature & User Center Features for Adding/Removing Users.​

50. Oxbridge
Oxbridge Innovative Solutions aims at providing creative and practical solutions to problems areas in diversified fields in Pakistan. Some of the core expertise of Oxbridge lies in primary and secondary education, educational software development, ICT4D, social development through information and communication technologies, women empowerment in rural and urban slums, renewable energy, environment, sustainable development, and capacity development of teachers. Oxbridge vision is to improve the socio-economic conditions of less privileged masses, and enable them to become active contributors towards the development of Pakistan.

51. d s gn d | xyz
d s gn d | xyz is a design, development and consultancy firm now delving into the realm of product design. Specifically in creating smart lighting and home solutions that integrate into the existing infrastructures present in our homes and community buildings. Company aim is to bring forth solutions that combine the psychological and comfort benefits of tactile physical interaction with the progress of IoT technology to create products that achieve emotional attachment with its users and create ecosystems that conserve energy and promote sustainable behavior in everyday living.”

KikBits is an application that integrates with Facebook with the goal to make conversations more interesting. It allow users to draw or simply highlighting a part of photo in post right from within Facebook and attach them to comments.​​

​abcData is a professional services firm, which was founded to meet these special needs of the market and provides enterprise level support around open source Big Data technologies mainly Hortonworks distribution. ABCData experts in the data management industry offering high quality Big Data solutions to help clients achieve strategic objectives and maximize their competitive advantage.

54. BLOCK360
Block360 offers development and consultancy services focusing on the blockchain technology and smart contracts. Based in the hub of technical innovation in Pakistan, Block360 has an expert team of in-house blockchain developers that engineer decentralized applications and a group of researchers that are on a constant lookout for upcoming game-changing technologies in the domain.
The company founders each come with extensive experience in software development and information security. Owing to that, Block360 has a strongly-held philosophy of developing and delivering quality products with emphasis on security and privacy.

Developers love SDKs. Therefore, almost every API provider provides SDKs. However, the existing methods of developing SDKs are manual thus require good amount of time and resources to generate SDKs. A bigger problem than generating SDKs is to update and maintain them after every API update.
APIMatic not only solves the above problems of manual SDKs, but also provide the following competitive advantages to API providers:
a. Using APIMatic can provide significant reduction in workload since, generating SDKs requires no programming effort. API providers can therefore focus more on their core product development.
b. APIMatic provides value for rapidly evolving APIs that must release newer versions often. Automatic generation means that newer versions of APIs are quickly backed with newer versions of SDKs without delays.
c. Automatic code generation ensures all SDKs to be up-to-date with the latest APIs, and therefore helps avoiding customer support nightmares.​

Rapidev deals with Real Time Secure Push to Talk Communication System with Command and Control. A modern innovative PTT (Push-to-Talk) solution featuring android app usable on usual Smartphones,Tablets and PCs with a common configuration and administration tool combined with a fully functional Command & Control center solution , enabling secure and fast PTT based communication between mobile clients and the Command and Control Center.With a highly experience team of Consultants, Engineers and Technicians we can undertake the tasks of Consultation, System Engineering, System Design and Development, Software Design Service, Sourcing of Electronics ,Parts and Components, Contract Manufacturing and Trainings.

DCUBE is a digital technology solutions and services company aimed at delivering mission critical computer vision products and custom solutions for clients globally with a primary focus on North American, Middle East, Europe and Pakistan market. At DCUBE, they follow an agile product development process leveraging proprietary and best in class open source computer vision and artificial intelligence engines solving for business and end customer pain points. DCUBE are the first Pakistan based company offering a compelling alternative to high-cost onshore engagements through the focus on (a) best is class resource hiring, (b) performance & quality management, (c) communication effectiveness, (d) speed to market, and (e) delivery excellence. Our delivery center and research labs are in Islamabad, Pakistan along with team presence in Germany and the United States.

58. PEAR
PEAR is an ILM ideas 2 funded startup incubated at TechOne NUST. It is the first of its kind concept for promoting physical education among the children of society.

59. IDE
IDE (Innovation Design Essentials​) is derived from Idee (German: ‘idea’) and the idea is to impart the critical and design knowledge among the young minds of Pakistan. We are STEM based educational startup with the aim to promote designer based approach to improve pragmatic, technical and innovative thinking of average Pakistani students. Thus we claim that we produce problem solvers rather than technicians and that is why we have a set of interactive, modular workshops based on Lego kits. With that, we would conduct session based workshops that include multi-disciplinary knowledge to impart design based thinking in the students. Our adaptive workshops is available for secondary school, high school and university students. That’s the true essence of STEM education and the current need of Pakistan educational system.

Wrollit is the concept of a rolling billboard. A mobile advertising platform where the driver uses his vehicle as an advertising space in his day to day routine. In a fast paced world conventional advertising has become redundant and Wrollit believe in providing companies with a solution to use real time analytical data to generate optimum utility from branding space and maximize advertising efficiency.

​​61. Cloudlead
A SaaS based B2B sales prospecting and lead nurturing platform.

62. InventHub
GitHub-like platform centered on the needs of the hardware and maker community that makes it easy for makers to design and manufacture hardware while allowing hardware manufacturers to engage with their users.

63. Scholar Den
Scholar Den is an AI driven personalized test prep platform, focusing on the GRE and other standard admissions tests.

64. Edvon
EDVON is an edtech startup that is scaling STEM education through a progressive learning platform from grades 4 to 8. Platform consists of robotic toys, coaching software, online tutorials and associated curriculum books.

65. Worky
Worky is an AI based B2B SaaS tool for tracking performance of software teams.

66. Poulta
Poulta is a SaaS platform for making poultry farms smart and AI driven. IOT sensors track variables that can reduce the $30bn annual spend on vaccination and $10bn annual morbidity of birds.

67. Neurostic
​​Neurostic manufactures affordable and easily deployable prosthetic feet.​

68. VisionX
VisionXhelps clients build smart digital solutions by leveraging our proprietary technology frameworks in object detection, object segmentation and drone-based security and surveillance. The computer vision and ai algorithms operate using cameras powered through a surface, handheld and aerial(drone based) or underwater device to ingest text, object or a scene

69.Sustainable Environmental Solutions (SES)
Sustainable Environmental Solutions (SES) has been established to offer economical, efficient and less energy intensive technologies to fit in the scenario of Pakistan. The core business areas include technical advisory, designs, operation and maintenance of environmental systems with particular focus on sectors such as water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Our first product Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System (DWTS) has been devised using locally available recycled material to treat wastewater without consumption of electricity.

70. BizzRivets

71. CodeJunkie​